2015 Winners & Finalists

India’s most promising student start-ups at the Tata First Dot National Conference – 2014-15

The Tata group and NEN today felicitated winners of the fourth edition of Tata First Dot National Competition – Jury Choice (5 winners) and Tata First Dot People's Choice Competition (5 winners) at a national conference held in Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Bangalore.

The five winning start-ups of Tata First Dot National Competition-Jury Choice were MedPrime Technologies, Hotel For Dogs, Your Closet Services Private Limited, Robokraft Inc. and Media Mail Advertising Services. The five winning start-ups of the Tata First Dot People's Choice Competition were Impulse Motors, World4Engineers, City Management, Clean Gujarat and MyInfopie.

Congratulating the winners, Dr. Gopichand Katragadda, Group Chief Technology Officer, Tata Sons said ’It gives me great pleasure to be a part of the fourth edition of Tata first Dot. It has been a high energy event and the student businesses showcased here, which in some cases have been tested in the market were impressive.  I would like the winners and participants here to keep the spirit of entrepreneurship alive and create a century of Indian Innovation.’

The Tata First Dot National Conference is designed to inspire and build knowledge, develop skills and contribute to networking, for hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs. The one day grand finale was a comprehensive event for these aspiring entrepreneurs, where they had a chance to interact with successful entrepreneurs and understand the challenges faced by upcoming ventures through a series of sessions. The day culminated with an awards ceremony felicitating the winners.

A regular feature at the national conference - the roundtable for start-ups - was an informal and interactive session between 30 finalists and nominees. This included senior Tata leaders as well as Mr Shashank ND, Founder, Practo (Key Note Speaker) and Mr. Sashi Chimala, Executive Vice President, Wadhwani Foundation - National Entrepreneurship Network. Aimed at providing student entrepreneurs an opportunity to get insights from business leaders, the discussion was a free flowing conversation with ventures voicing their concerns on various aspects of entrepreneurship which were then addressed by these leaders.

The top 30 promising ventures, including the 5 Jury Choice and 5 People's Choice Competition winners, were selected from a pool of 434 entries received from 101 institutions across 69 cities in India. The participating start-ups spread across sectors including education, manufacturing, IT & software, hospitality & travel, retail, healthcare, biotech, energy, services.

Tata First Dot powered by NEN seeks to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst youth. This platform creates opportunities to increase their knowledge, resources and networks to enable them to succeed in their entrepreneurial journey and help them emerge as job creators and not just job seekers.

The top 30 start-ups including both Jury Choice winners and People’s choice winners will receive ongoing mentoring for their ventures via the NEN Mentor Platform. They will enjoy the opportunity to network with entrepreneurs, angel investors, mentors, experts and fellow student start-ups.

The five winners of the Tata First Dot Jury Choice National Competition were selected by a panel of eminent jury members comprising of Tata leaders, entrepreneurs, angel investors and NEN experts. The entries were evaluated on the following criteria: milestones achieved (investment obtained, track record), business model, innovativeness and distinctive competence, passion and growth potential. The five winners of the Tata First Dot People’s Choice Competition were selected through a process of online public voting, which attracted more than 40,000 public votes pan India.

Mr. Sashi Chimala, Executive Vice President, Wadhwani Foundation - National Entrepreneurship Network said, "The TATA First Dot powered by NEN platform is designed to inspire, build the knowledge, skills, and networks of the hundreds of aspiring student entrepreneurs. The National Conference offers an opportunity for aspirants and budding entrepreneurs to discover what makes entrepreneurs tick, and what it takes to build successful high growth companies. We are delighted that this platform has helped create and support increasing number of student entrepreneurs in all four editions of the program, and hope to continue inspiring more in the future.”

One of the innovative venture identified this year was Hotel For Dogs who were also the winners for the jury Choice awards. Started by duo, Adhishwar TA and Shravan Krishnan, the venture is a premium boarding house offering dog-boarding service to dog owners. Another interesting venture recognised this year was MedPrime Technologies. Also a jury choice winner, the venture creates innovative solutions to common problems in healthcare sector, focusing on patient monitoring and assistive devices and have developed a user friendly intravenous infusion monitoring system.

Tata First Dot, powered by NEN comprises multiple components designed to work together to engage and support India’s next generation of entrepreneurs: regional workshops, bootcamps, a judged national competition, an online “people’s choice” competition, one-day national conference; and ongoing mentoring support for the winners of the competition. This year the platform introduced special bootcamps and unique online courses.

Top 5 Judges’ Choice Winners

1. Medprime Technologies 

A company that creates innovative solutions to common problems in healthcare sector, focusing on patient monitoring and assistive devices. We have developed a low cost, user friendly intravenous infusion monitoring system designed for developing countries that gives alarm and automatically stops flow on infusion of desired volume of fluid. It can be integrated with existing bed side alarms to alert the nurse station. It can be used with current gravity infusion systems and is adaptible to all fluids.

Customers include all hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, health centres in public and private sector, especially those with multiple beds and large patient-to-nurse ratios. It is also useful for bedridden individuals under treatment at home.



Greeshma Unnikrishnan

Binil Jacob

Mahesh Kumar Rathor

2. Hotel for Dogs

Hotel for Dogs is a premium boarding house for dogs. We reach out to all the dog owners who have dogs and have issues of leaving their dog in safe hands when they are travelling. We cater to all the needs of every dog owner right from boarding, pet supplies, dog socialization etc. to become a one-stop shop for dogs & dog owners.

Hotel for Dogs mainly offers dog-boarding service to dog owners. We have climate controlled and sound proofed kennels, 8000 Sq.ft play area for the dogs, a specially designed dog swimming pool, CCTV surveillance, Skype with your Dogs facility. Aside from this, we have a state of the art grooming studio for the dogs and an exquisite dog boutique.


Adhishwar TA

Shravan Krishnan

3. Fabence.com

Fabence has been founded by a young entrepreneur - a 2nd year student of SRCC Delhi. Executed by a group of complementing colleagues over a seven month effort out of a basement, Fabence has already achieved a run rate of 40K visits within 3 months since launch and is looking good to cross 100K in the next couple of months.

Fabence is a fashion discovery platform and assistant that aims at easing the ability of a user to discover fashion products online and provide assistance to make a better buying decision. Our aim is to bring together technology and fashion and create and intelligent and personalized experience for a user by constantly innovating.


Anshul Gupta

4. Robokraft Inc.

Robokraft Inc. and Robokraft Labs are one of the leading services provider in the field of Robotics Spares, Practical Educational Training, Web & IT Services, Corporate Training, Consultancy & Outsourcing, and Electronics Projects on emerging technologies. We believe in Implementing New Ideas & Technology.


Prathik Pai P

5. Media Mail Advertising Services

Media Mail is a one-stop startup for advertising, printing and brand consultancy providing numerous services under one roof to help us startups provide quality services at affordable prices.

We provide outdoor advertising, indoor branding, offset and digital printing, textile printing, ceramic and mug printing services, trademark registration services, e-publications, website development, IT Support, PR Management,Designing and numerous other services in advertising and printing sector in sector under one roof to save time and resources of the business owner.


Mir Shariq Mushtaq


6. Resnova Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Resnova features a unique blend of versatile talents driven by the spirit of innovation and the love for technology. The Energetic and enthusiastic team of vibrant youngsters is guided by a panel of experienced and highly qualified advisory. The company was formally registered as Resnova Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in February 2014.

Overcharging and derating of batteries has been a challenge for battery makers since its inception.It is prominent when it comes to portable electronic gadgets such as laptops, smartphones etc. The studies show that overcharging not only reduce the life of the battery but also wastes a lot of energy.We developed a simple gadget to solve this issue.




7. Giffie

Giffie Inc. is based on an app called "Giffie" which is in the Android platform (shortly coming in iOS). Co-founded by 2 members with an experienced mentor/advisor from an entrepreneurial background.

Giffie allows you to capture you story in pictures and send it to your friends "discretely".

1. Take pictures and edit them.

2. Convert to Gif.

3. Send it to freinds with Share/Destruct option.


Jayalakshmi M

Vipul Divyanshu

8. The Climber

The Climber is an organization that is looking to reinvent education in our country. We seek to break from the shackles of a system that was built 3 centuries ago, by the British Empire, with innovative solutions that create curiosity and cognizance amongst the students.

The Climber is a youth driven educational startup which envisions to create a culture that breeds curiosity and creativity to inspire young minds! Project Aseem provides an audio version of our magazine, Inking Pages, for the visually impaired. It's Time India is a series of interactive sessions and workshops for the students. My Captain, is a mentor network that connects students with graduate students and professionals in fields of their creative and professional interests.


Mohammed Zeeshan

Sameer Ramesh

9. Sierra Innovations

ToppersNotes is an advanced educational portal started by IITians to bridge this preparation gap between a topper & average student by providing quality & innovative study material. With this we provide cost effective technologies for school, coaching institutes and tutors.

Our products include:

  1. Toppers Handwritten Notes: These notes are compiled from the notes of top 100 JEE rankers.
  2. Toppers Test Series: Test Series Platform for Teachers, schools with very advanced analytic systems using graph theory. It will reduce burden of teachers by 40% and they can focus more on students’ performance.


Deepak Gupta

Aditya Modi

Sumit Bhagat

10. Magicmarket

When Ecommerce companies were busy selling new products we felt that used market valued 75000C was missing focus. So we came up with an idea to sell used products directly through our company after quality checks. We are currently doing with books and exploring the opportunities in furniture sector.

Middle class section of India always bear the idea of trying a second product due to its cheaper price.But one of the major problems faced by the buyer is the fragmented nature of the market as well as an absence of standardized costing structure. We solve this by bringing everything under one roof and pricing things at a reasonable cost.



Madhubalan Lingam

11. Mobio

Mobio is been found by Mohammed, Anush and Navaneeth. Three of the cofounders are engineering students in fourth, third and second respectively. We started out developing apps, then we pivoted our self into SaaS product. We bootstrap our company from the income from apps.

www.mobiopush.com allows websites to send push notifications to desktop, mobile and other devices. The technology have more than 23X opt in rate than emails and it will replace decade old RSS. This new marketing channel will change the way we browse internet as push notifications in apps changed the entire app industry.


Mohammed Aboobacker

Navaneeth PK

Anush Anilkumar

12. Merrytrips

Merrytrips is a startup by the students for the students to make carpooling easier and efficient in India. It enables students, professionals and other working class people to commute intercity and intra-city with ease by combining the luxury of traveling in a car and saving money and fuel for future generations, thus making it eco-friendly.

We arrange cabs or taxis for customers who are willing to carpool. We also provide a platform for carpooling wherein customers post their rides and wait for other potential customers to travel along with them to save money and fuel and to create a win-win situation all around.


Arvind Choudhary

Nirav Devpura

Abhishek Mehrotra

13. Adventures365

Adventures365.in is India’s biggest marketplace and one-stop-solution for people looking for various adventurous activities and for all the groups and organizations related to adventure sports and travel. Our goal is to bring all the adventure and outdoor enthusiasts on a common platform.

ADVENTURES365 is bridge between people searching for an adventure and the various travel groups searching for customers. All people need to do is tell us their definition of an adventure and we provide them with the best experts, best holiday package in their suitable budgets .We thus also provide the groups with customers.


Omkar Methavde

Rohan Khedkar

14. The Parking Scout

Hardware & software automation of parking systems so as to help people find and access parking location easily.

The various aspects of our product include:

  1. Parking Survey ( City ,Building, Commercial areas)
  2. Sensor Automation of Parking Lifts

Online Portal to help people locate Parking for their Vehicle.


Chaitanya Vasudeo Kolhatkar

15. Hobby in a box

Hobby in a box is an online portal that delivers at your doorstep all the required materials (in exact quantity and of superior quality) and instructions to make products you love. The product contains all the supplies and instructions to pursue a hobby or learn new crafts or simply D-I-Y (do it yourself).

We provide the convenience of buying materials that normally you cannot buy in India or cannot buy in smaller quantities. Also we are including latest DIY trends that change over the years.


Manveen Kaur

Sarthak Mohanty

Nishant Nayak

16. Aerocrats / Global Technological Advanced Research Organization

We are an entity whose primary goal is to conduct fundamental research in the field of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and to disseminate their results by way of hands-on-workshops in schools and colleges to bring to limelight the importance of breaking away from old pedagogy and introduce new and innovative ways by means of practical training.

We believe that it's not about giving a lecture on the board anymore or teaching theory in the classroom rather India needs an educational system which provides hands-on learning experience. We conduct aero-modelling and hands-on-science workshops in schools and colleges and involve them in our real time projects.


Ritesh Kanu

Biswajit Dey

Dipankar Ranjan Choudhury

Mohan Krishna Maharjan

Joy Sen


VERTEC, provides garden on the roof of a building, which provides many ecological benefits besides the decorative benefits roof plantings provides food and temperature control, hydrological benefits, architectural enhancement, habitat or corridors for recreational opportunities.


Dineshraj G

Maniveer D

Dillibabu K R

Hariharasudhan S

18. Greensole

Every year 35 Cr. pairs of sports shoes are discarded as they are no longer fit to use. Making shoes involves a total of assembling up to 65 discrete parts in 360 steps and the whole process is highly chemical intensive. We recycle these expensive non-biodegradable waste shoes to comfortable, cushioned slippers with a good grip at a low cost.

Kadam slippers are trendy as well as sturdy due to high quality of the sole of the shoe. To add depth to our carbon neutral initiate we give employment to underprivileged sections of the society and use eco paints and glue. By paying an additional fee people giving their shoes would get slippers of that very shoe (customization).


Shriyans Bhandari

Ramesh Dhami

19. Master Sports Academy

My company is a sports center we provide training in Dance, Cricket, football, Basketball, badminton, Table Tennis, Gymnastics, Yoga, Body Building and Aerobics We have started the venture as first time project at Indore and excellent encouragement is received. Where on the first month we got 65 admissions.

Our venture is to give training in Dance, Cricket, Football, Basketball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Gymnastics, Yoga, Body Building and Aerobics. It is a consolidated sports hub.


Rajat Pillai

Ravindran Pillai

Yash Ektare

20. Brandvisers Consulting

We are working to improve the economic condition of people working in the MSME Enterprises. We would provide all the professional services to the enterprises free of cost, unless they turn profitable.

Because of the non-profitable status of majority of such enterprises due to lack of knowledge about financial analysis, logistics, supply chain management, legal aspects, human resources etc. they fail to sustain themselves. We are the only venture in the market that does not charge for the services provided to the enterprises, unless they turn profitable. Thus we have the advantage of attracting more customers than any of our competitors.


Ishan Verma

Ashish Verma

21. Oyster International Trust of Model United Nations

With a vision to “Equip the Youth to Unite the World”, Oyster International Trust of Model United Nations was established in order to fulfill the goals of the United Nations by supporting the youth and training them via various kinds of seminars, workshops, brainstorming sessions, conferences, etc.

MUN Forum: To fulfill primary objective of the trust i.e. training Students at schools, College and univ. about the theoretical and practical knowledge about the UN and also to make them aware about the availing benefits at the platform of the UN.

EduTour forum: its a student exchange program for the societal benefits.


Tejasvee Tandon

Rakshit Goyal

Shrey Saxena

22. Innovative Marketing

Free internet is becoming a norm. Visitors expect free Wi-Fi access in public places. Businesses are looking for new ways how to monetize their free Wi-Fi. At Innovative Marketing we have the solution. We use sophisticated technologies based on customer insight, real-time-bidding and the use of social media for advanced ad and product sales targeting.

We are Providing Free access to high speed Internet with unlimited downloading via Wi-Fi at the most prominent and happening places of Indore like cafes and shopping malls. And generating revenue through advertising on WiFi. In short Wifi Marketing.


Anshul Dubey

Sunil Chouhan

Akshay Awasthi

23. XEQT

XeQt is a software and services start-up with a focus on minimalism, clean designs and bleeding-edge innovations. XeQt is based out of Kolkata and has branches in Asansol, Durgapur and Dhanbad as well.

KhaVar is a mobile app developed for Android devices, made to help Sector V professionals fill their stomachs with the best food available at the lowest cost. Rate, comment, like and share your experiences about the food at your favorite eateries, and be notified when there are fresh mouth-watering delicacies to enjoy, all from your cellphone.


Soham Banerjee

Anirban Sinha

24. Buzzl

A Service start-up for small scale business. Marketing, Business Scale Projection, Management interface design and sales forecast. The services which i offer to my customers is cheaper than other companies. Moreover, Advertising companies deal with mid-level and large businesses. I deal with new and small businesses, my target customer segment has less competition.


Libin Roy Thomas

25. CybrSys

We’re a young internet start-up that is dedicated to making web applications for the mainstream consumer internet market and handcrafting websites for brands & individuals. At CybrSys, we materialize our own ideas by building and publishing independent webapps through our consumer web studio banner CybrHome.

CybrHome is the home for your online life. It features a personalized dashboard and launcher-like home screen that links users to CybrHome’s two important units – CybrHome Store and CybrHome Search

- CybrHome Store is a web app store where you can find and use web apps.

- CybrHome Search makes discovery of apps and websites easier than ever.


Shubham Badal

Ashish Gupta

Ajeet Lakhani


1. Impulse Motors

Impulse motor is a food trailer,food cart, food van and shop on wheels manufacturing company. At Impulse Motors we compiled Ice-Cream Parlor, Juice Corner and a Fast food Corner at a single Place. The Idea of Manufacturing of Food trailer seeing the unemployment rate of India and there is no such Big Brand in Food Trailer Manufacturing.

The base model we are manufacturing we named it VIRAT. It consists one cold storage, one juice extraction machines. We also provide one 2.5 KV inverter. One Microwave oven and a gas stove.


Ronak Maheshwari

Shashank Goyal

Monika Upadhyay

Neelam Gupta

2. World4Engineers

World4Engineers is an online e-education platform where we would provide educational contents such as notes with animations for better understanding, old question papers, video lectures from expert faculties, skill development courses, entrance exam preparation guides etc.

In all we would assist an Engineering student for its empowerment.

Our service is e-education website with a whole lot of college experience taken online. Here students would learn with fun. No lengthy books to be read, just read our blog which would contain animations for easy understanding. From the list of engineering colleges with details to assistance for PG entrance exam, we will provide everything to students.


Akash S Kurup


3. City Management

Citizen of the city will register themselves to login their complaints / request about their city & area. The complaint request will go to the Senior person of Municipal corporation office on his mobile number as well as the same complaint / request will go online linked with social media (Face book, Twitter etc), print media ( News Paper).


Tirth Patel

4. Clean Gujarat

We want to start various awareness programs related to our society which includes cleanliness, education, skill development, women empowerment, recycling.

The main service is for the people by making them aware about different problems of our society and train them in many ways to overcome from that problems.


Smit Bhanushali

Aklesh Sahani

Avadh Parihar

5. Myinfopie

A year ago I start blogging as my carrier because I love to write. As you know today our surrounding world is overflowing with information with such a pace that it is very difficult to keep ourselves constantly updated with it. This blog is the solution to it, be it technology updates or games and more. You, the reader will be provided with all the latest updates and quality information which is difficult to find in one place.


Ravikant Makwana

Vishal Makwana