Nov 2014

Mentoring Clinic: Turning Your Company into a Talent Magnet

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Nov 28, 2014
2:30 pm to 4:00 pm

There is no doubt that hiring for startups is hard. Entrepreneurs not only have to close deals, raise money, build products, and recruit partners -- they also have to recruit exclusive talent (many a time, in competition with established firms!). So what can entrepreneurs do to convert their startups into talent magnets? How can they build more buzz for themselves to attract the right kind of candidates? Importantly, what hiring mistakes must they absolutely watch out for?

Join our next mentoring clinic -- where an expert panel of mentors will answer these questions and advise two entrepreneurs on their recruitment strategy and challenges.

Our panel of experts for the clinic:
• Karon Shaiva, Founder, Idobro Impact Solutions
• RK Dhanvada, Founder, D& HR Consultants
• Preeti Sharma Menon, Managing Director, Viira Travels and Logistics pvt. Ltd.

What are Mentoring Clinics?
NEN Mentoring Clinics are online, video-enabled sessions where entrepreneurs get tailored guidance by a panel of mentors on their key goals and challenges. The clinics usually comprise three experts or mentors and two entrepreneurs, and are open to registered users to watch and participate. An NEN moderator kicks off the clinic with a brief round of introductions, which is followed by a 15 minute presentation by the first entrepreneur, and then by an intense discussion of his/her specific challenges with the mentors. The same format is repeated for the second entrepreneur. Participating viewers can pitch their questions and suggestions during the last 15 minutes of the clinic to either the mentors or entrepreneurs.

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