Treat Your Initial Sales as a Pilot Exercise

Ganesh V, author of BHAAG!, explains how running a pilot can make all the difference in the growth of a company.

Alright, you have an idea for a product or a service. You have probably taken the advice of friends, family and others on how to develop it. You have fleshed out the idea to make a business plan. And maybe, you are all set to hit the market with your product or service. You may even have got your first set of paying customers. So far, excellent!

Now comes the tempting part. This is, to run after more customers immediately and try to scale up as soon as possible. Which is not wrong – after all, the aim of every business is to chase growth. But just make sure you don’t rush into it at this early stage.

What’s going to be critical for you now, is to treat your first few sales as a pilot exercise and take feedback from your first set of paying customers about your product or service. Is it really satisfying their need? Did they find it convenient to use it? What value is it really adding to their lives? How was their whole experience of interacting with you and your team, during the purchase process? Can any of these aspects be improved and if yes, how? What else can you meaningfully incorporate into your offering?

Asking these questions to your initial customers and incorporating their feedback to the extent relevant, will make a hell of a lot of difference. If you don’t go through this exercise now, you may end up chasing growth without putting all your fundamentals in place. For all you know, you may go after the wrong customer, to whom your product or service does not matter much! And even if you manage to sell to more customers, they are likely to be unsatisfied with what they have bought from you. On the other hand, if you listen to your customers now, you can make important course-corrections right away.

After that, it will make sense for you to go all out in pursuit of growth!

About Ganesh V

Ganesh V is a mentor to start-ups and the author of BHAAG!, India’s first book on campus entrepreneurs. The book is available on flipkart, amazon and bookadda.

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