Student Entrepreneurs – The Next Wave of Innovators in India

Ganesh V, author of BHAAG!, talks about the rising tide of student entrepreneurs in India

Student entrepreneurship in India is showing signs of maturing. I believe that the next wave of entrepreneurs and innovators in India is going to come from college campuses – just as it did in the USA in the ‘70s and ‘80s.

Youth is the time when the mind is at its fertile best. It is therefore the best time for you to do something original.

Whenever I visit colleges and talk to college students, I see many youngsters working towards setting up their own business. They want to build something and make a difference to the market. Also, they want to start early and not wait till they are 40 years old.

Happily, this trend has moved far beyond the IITs and IIMs. Today, I see more and more youngsters from small, unknown colleges becoming entrepreneurs, even in small towns.

My congratulations to all you participants in Tata First Dot Powered by NEN. You have done the absolute right thing by setting up your own venture and trying to solve a problem for the consumer. All the best to you! May your venture do well!

About Ganesh V

Ganesh V is a mentor to start-ups and the author of BHAAG!, India’s first book on campus entrepreneurs. The book is available on flipkart, amazon and bookadda.

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