Self-Doubt is the Biggest Enemy of Success

Ganesh V, author of BHAAG!, talks about the problem of self-doubt and how to overcome it.

The biggest enemy of success is not competition, bad luck, the paucity of funds, the absence of connections or any other ‘external’ factor. It is simply self-doubt: the doubt we have in our own ability to do what we want to do, achieve what we want to achieve. Self-doubt restrains us from pursuing our dreams boldly. It plants in our mind the fear of failure, thereby preventing us from getting off the starting blocks. But for self-doubt, we would have become a nation of achievers long ago.

The only way to overcome this mindset is to ignore it completely and just take that first step. Believe in your dream, however big or unreal it might seem to you today, and make a start. And once you have made a start, keep chipping away, taking small steps ahead. You will soon realize that a path emerges, one small milestone leads to another… and voila! Before you know it, you have covered a considerable distance! Your mindset invariably changes. You will find reserves of energy, strength and imagination that you never knew you had! Within a matter of time, you will realize that your ‘unreasonable’ dream is well within your reach.

This approach has worked not just for me, but also for various successful people I have met. So, just go ahead and take that first small step.

About Ganesh V

Ganesh V is a mentor to start-ups and the author of BHAAG!, India’s first book on campus entrepreneurs. The book is available on flipkart, amazon and bookadda.

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