Failure is a Comma, Not a Full Stop

Ganesh V, author of BHAAG!, talks about failure, and why resilience is an undervalued trait.

One of the traits I love the most in people is resilience. The ability to pick oneself up after a fall, dust one’s butt and knees, and keep going. It is a trait we Indians have always undervalued. Traditionally – in school and at home - we have been taught to fear failure and to therefore avoid it like the plague. But the only way to avoid failure is to not attempt anything. Because, the moment we attempt something, we are bound to fail to some extent. It is impossible that we can succeed in all that we attempt. And so, for long, many of us have sat with our tails tucked under our legs, attempting nothing.

But that is a wrong way to view failure! As the cliché goes, failure is indeed a stepping stone to success. One learns from one’s mistakes and evolves into a better person, a better professional, a better businessman. Failure teaches us what to do and what not do, what works and what doesn't. It teaches us new ways of thinking and opens doors of opportunities.

If failure were a punctuation symbol, I would look at it not as a full stop, but as a comma – just a pause, before the sentence continues.

About Ganesh V

Ganesh V is a mentor to start-ups and the author of BHAAG!, India’s first book on campus entrepreneurs. The book is available on flipkart, amazon and bookadda.

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